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Columbus Ohio Family Law Attorney and Columbus Divorce and Custody Lawyer



We are family law attorneys in Columbus, Ohio which is in Franklin County.  In addition to our clients in Columbus and Franklin County, we serve clients throughout Ohio, and we are admitted to practice in all 88 Ohio counties.

Columbus Ohio Family Law Attorney, Lawyers Child Custody, CUSTODY ATTORNEYThe family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Virginia C. Cornwell are led by an Ohio State Bar Association Certified Family Relations Specialist.  Virginia is one of approximately 100 attorneys in Ohio to have received this honor.  Our experienced legal team also includes a network of professionals and experts.  When the case requires it, we call upon our network of experts such as psychological evaluators, certified public accountants, forensic accountants, business appraisers, real estate appraisers, pension evaluators and analysts, auctioneers and private investigators.

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COLUMBUS DIVORCE ATTORNEY, OHIO DIVORCE ATTORNEY, FAMILY LAWYERThe most important expert is the client.  The client is the expert on his or her life and needs.  Whether the client is a young person just starting out as a single father or mother, a person who needs a divorce or dissolution after many years of marriage, or a grandparent who needs visitation or custody,  each lawyer is here to help you.  You tell us the facts, we’ll tell you your rights and the law, and we’ll tell you in plain English.

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DIVORCE LAWYER COLUMBUS OHIO, CHILD CUSTODY LAWYER IN, PATERNITYWhether our not you want or need to hire our family lawyers, we provide an excellent resource at no charge – our blog.  We work hard to put relevant information on our blog.  Although our blog is not legal advice, it does provide access to and discussion regarding the law on many important Ohio family law topics. To read our blog, click here:

COLUMBUS OHIO CUSTODY ATTORNEYS, COLUMBUS CUSTODY LAWYERSOur family law practice includes all aspects of family law, including divorce, military divorce, dissolution, annulment, legal separation, child support, child custody, shared parenting, visitation, paternity, father’s rights, mother’s rights, grandparents rights and more.  We also represent clients in international and interstate divorcecustodychild support and other family law matters throughout Ohio.

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Your divorcecustody and child support case should be important to your attorney.   Our Ohio Family Law Attorneys understand that not every case can settle.  We understand that when a case has to go to trial, and your future or your child’s future at stake, it is not enough to simply show up at trial and talk.  It’s GO TIME.  It’s about evidence, the law and the best interest of the child.  It’s about testimony and PROOF.  A piece of paper is meaningless to a court if it’s not admissible according to the Ohio Rules of Evidence, no matter what is written on that paper.   At the end of the day, it’s about doing your homework and being prepared. 

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Helping You to Reach a Win/Win Outcome Whenever Possible


Win – Win outcomes only happen in family law when both parties participate to reach an agreement.  Each lawyer will work with you to try to resolve your matter rationally, reasonably and efficiently, hoping for the best, but at the same time fully preparing for the possibility that an amicable resolution will not be reached and you may need to go to trial to receive the proper result under the COLUMBUS OHIO FATHER'S RIGHTS, PATERNITY ATTORNEY, FATHER LAWYERlaw.  Our attorneys will pursue the best result available in your divorce, dissolutionchild supportchild custody and family law case  in a manner which is both proactive and practical.   Each Columbus Ohio Divorce Lawyer and Franklin County Family Law Attorney on our team is here to help.

When clients are willing, we suggest tools to “control the damage and get it done” such are mediation, earnest negotiation and collaborative divorce in order to reach an  amicable solution.

Virginia and her associates work together on most cases.   We strive to return e-mails and phone calls within 24 hours.  We know that divorce, custody and other family law cases can be stressful, and it is the attorney’s  job to see the big picture.

When you hire us, you are hiring a team with experience.  Our team has cases throughout Ohio.  Family law is a matter of state and federal law, not county law. While procedures vary from county to county, and attorneys must follow and respect the procedures of the county each case is in, all 88 Ohio counties have to follow the same law.  Otherwise , decisions would get overturned on appeal.

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COLUMBUS OHIO FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY, HIGH PROFILE DIVORCE LAWYEREach case presents its own challenges.  The business or professional practice owner going through divorce or dissolution needs an attorney who has experience with the complex considerations involved.  The business owner facing the possibility of a dissolution of both his or her business and marriage needs sound advice to preserve assets, and quality financial experts to assist with valuation of the business, and prevent “double dipping“.     Regardless of your income or asset situation, our firm strives to give you practical advice tailored to YOUR situation,  and show you the best strategy to get you through the process as simply and successfully as possible.  We want to help you receive the best result possible whether it is through trial, mediation, or a negotiated settlement.

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