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Columbus Ohio Dissolution Attorney series Part 4: 10 Reasons Dissolution May be Right For You

This is the 4th installment in a series by a Columbus Ohio Dissolution Attorney about the benefits of dissolution. Virginia Cornwell is an Ohio State Bar Association Certified Family Relations Specialist.  Approximately 100 attorneys in Ohio have received this honor. You  can view other articles in the Dissolution in Ohio series by clicking any of the following links:

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1.  Dissolution is faster.  You can have your hearing as soon as 30 days after you file your paperwork.

2.  You can avoid going to the court house by hiring a private judge.  You can have your hearing in your attorney’s office and never have to go to court.

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3.  It costs less than divorce.  Much less.

4.  You have more control over the outcome of a dissolution than a divorce.  Since the parties must agree on all the decisions involved, you are involved in every decision made.  No decisions are made for you by a Judge.

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5.  Dissolution is not about assigning fault.  You simply agree that you and your spouse are incompatible and make the decisions necessary to move on with your lives.

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6.  Decisions regarding your children are made by the parents, not made by a stranger and imposed upon the whole family.

7.  You and your spouse exchange financial information privately or through your attorneys.  Your employers, banks, etc. are not subpoeaned to provide information.

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8.  There are no temporary orders while you and your spouse are making the decisions necessary to end the marriage.  Nobody is ordered to pay child support, nobody is ordered to pay spousal support (alimony), you each pay what you agree to pay and nothing more.

9.  Did I mention it costs less?  A lot less?

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10.  The money you don’t spend on attorney fees for a long, drawn out, contested divorce can be left for you and your spouse to divide.  You can use it to start over.

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