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Columbus Ohio Same Sex Divorce Lawyer & Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

COLUMBUS LGBT DIVORCE LAWYER, COLUMBUS GAY DIVORCE LAWYER, COLUMBUS SAME SEX DIVORCE LAWYER, SAME SEX DIVORCE LAWYER, LGBT DIVORCE ATTORNEY, SAME SEX DIVORCE ATTORNEY, GAY DIVORCE ATTORNEY, GAY DIVORCE LAWYERThe Law Offices of Virginia C. Cornwell is very excited about the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision which prohibits state bans on same sex marriage!  We are here to help our Ohio LGBT clients obtain a divorce or dissolution of their marriage as quickly and painlessly as possible.  For couples who are able to agree on terms the parties may be able to have a dissolution with a private judge and avoid going to court all together.

In cases of dissolution, the proceedings can be very fast, as little as 30 days after their court papers are filed, the parties can have a hearing in our office with a private judge, avoid the court house altogether, and move on with their lives.

In cases where divorce is necessary, our experienced divorce attorneys are here to help our LGBT / same sex clients obtain the divorce they need.

For Ohio LGBT clients who have been waiting to marry, but wish to preserve their assets in case of divorce, we are here to help you with a prenuptial agreement.

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  1. E says

    I’m in need of help with a divorce/dissolution from my ex, we also have a juvinile custody case with our son that I want visitation rights as well please help me. Also was wondering about what I’m entitled to from this divorce.

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