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How much child support will I owe?

A Columbus Child Support Lawyer article about how much your Ohio child support will be.

COLUMBUS OHIO CHILD SUPPORT ATTORNEYSThis is a common question, and for good reason.  Ohio child support guidelines are a mystery to most people.  Lawyers use software programs to calculate child support.  There are some free resources on the Internet that claim to calculate child support for every state.  They may or may not be accurate, but it is worth a try.  Many of them simply point you to the pen and pencil formula that is set out in the Ohio Revised Code – hit the “more” button to view a copy of the work sheet used to calculate Ohio child support for shared parenting or sole residential parent cases.  If you still find yourself scratching your head, you can look at the basic child support schedule set out in the Ohio Revised Code by pressing the “more” button again at the bottom of the worksheet.  If you still are not able to figure out what your child support will be, you are probably starting to understand why lawyers use software to do it.

Click here to access ORC 3119.021, Ohio’s basic child support schedule.

Click here to access the most current version of ORC 3119.022, Ohio’s Child Support Guidelines Worksheet.

Click here to access the most current version of ORC 3119.

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