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Interference with Custody

Lawyer for CustodyInterference with custody is a crime in Ohio.  The issue comes up when somebody will not return your child to you.  This sometimes occurs with relatives or friends of the family who try to assert their wishes to spend (more) time with a child by simply refusing to return the child to his or her parent.  A parent may allow a person to visit friends or family , but the visit is over when the parent says it is over.

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LAWYER TO GET MY CHILD BACKOhio Revised Code 2919.23 says:

(A) No person, knowing the person is without privilege to do so or being reckless in that regard, shall entice, take, keep, or harbor a person identified in division (A)(1), (2), or (3) of this section from the parent, guardian, or custodian of the person identified in division (A)(1), (2), or (3) of this section:

(1) A child under the age of eighteen, or a mentally or physically handicapped child under the age of twenty-one;

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LAWYER FOR CUSTODYAnother example of Interference with Custody may arise when a person, rather than directly refusing to return a child, passively refuses to return a child by blaming the child for the failure to return to the parent.  Ohio Revised Code 2919.23 goes on to say:

(B) No person shall aid, abet, induce, cause, or encourage a child or a ward of the juvenile court who has been committed to the custody of any person, department, or public or private institution to leave the custody of that person, department, or institution without legal consent.

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ATTORNEY FOR CUSTODYOften, police are called when there is an interference with custody situation.  If the dispute is between two persons who have court ordered time with the child, the police often insist that “it is a civil matter” and tell you to call your lawyer.  Interference with Custody is a crime in Ohio, and there is NOTHING in the statute that says that the law does not apply to parents, grandparents or relatives.  This appears to be simply a matter of preference on the part of the police that the issue be handled in civil court whenever possible.  The police CAN make an arrest if they so desire.

It is sometimes difficult to get the police to prosecute interference with custody, but if they are called to assist and the person doing the interference does not return your child, the police may be willing to do so.

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  1. C says

    Called Darke county sheriff and was told they would do nothing under the law because the county prosecutor says they are not allowed to get involved. therefore Darke county is allowing laws to go unenforced and are not upholding their duty to protect and serve the citizens of the county.
    Therefore they are allowing my ex `wife to keep the children past her time and not allowing me to have my children and the sheriff is ignoring the laws of the state and refused to even come out and take a report and would just log down that i called and thats it.
    can i sue the Sheriff and the county prosecutor for not enforcing the laws?

  2. B says

    My parents keep mentioning a rule 27, but nobody will tell me exactly what my rights are or when my visitation is with my mom. Only one question, can my dad withold visitation if theres a rule 27 in place and I know for a fact my mom has visitation which is every other weekend and wednesdays?

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