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Parental Alienation: An Equal Opportunity Tragedy

CUSTODY ATTORNEY ALIENATIONBoth mothers and fathers can be victims of Parental Alienation.  It is an equal opportunity tragedy.  With Parental Alienation, one parent, almost always the primary caretaker, has decided that they want to eliminate the other parent from the child’s lives.  When they are unsuccessful at convincing a court to do so, they systematically begin to work on the child to convince the child to alienate the other parent.  In other words, they attempt to persuade the CHILD to begin to alienate the other parent.

Parental alienation can take many forms and the lines between alienation and interfering with the other parent’s time with the child are often muddy.

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Examples of interfering with the other parent’s time would be:

  • failing to answer the phone for the parent’s court ordered telephone time
  • manipulating the child’s schedule so that he/she will be tired, cranky  or distracted during actual or electronic (telephone, Skype, etc.) parenting time
  • exaggerating illness in an attempt to defeat parenting time (more common with younger children)
  • manipulating the meaning of the language of the court order to deny parenting time
  • over enrolling the child in activities in order to make the child unavailable for parenting time
  • Falsifying transportation or parent schedule problems

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Examples of parental alienation would be:

  • encouraging the child (directly or indirectly) to resist going with the other parent for parenting time
  • failing to psychologically prepare the child to attend parenting time
  • refusal to act to enforce parenting time orders (passive aggressive alienation)
  • discussing parenting time with the child as if it were an experience that is
    • fearful
    • something that should not have to happen
    • something that the child has to endure
    • an injustice that has been unfairly inflicted upon the child and/or the alienating parent by the court
  • Reminding the child, during a visit, of all the things that they are missing at “home” in a way designed to reduce the child’s pleasure during the visit
  • Calling during the other parent’s time excessively, as if they excessive calls were needed because the child is in a fearful environment
  • Suggesting to the child that the other parent will kidnap them, making visits something to fear
  • Encouraging the child to be as unpleasant as possible during visits, in order to discourage the other parent from exercising them
  • Encouraging the child to “gather evidence” to be used against the other parent in current or future litigation to further diminish the other parent’s parenting time

CUSTODY LAWYER If you are experience interference with your parental rights or parental alienation, you may want to talk to an attorney to discuss your options.

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  1. M says

    Hello! I am in desperate desperate need of a lawyer, I moved to Columbus in April, Use to live in GreenSprings,OHIO. I have a daughter who is just now 3 months old and I have went to court for her several times due to my soon to be ex husband asking for full custody. I found something online on wood county court website that shows the Magistrates Decision, terrifying!!! I have 2 more children (not by him though) He is getting full custody so the papers say, and i am suppose to pay child support, I am so confused. Please please can someone please contact me ASAP.

    Thank you so much for your time reading this.

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