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Who gets to keep the ring?

OHIO FAMILY LAWYER, LAWYERS CHILD CUSTODY, COLUMBUS FAMILY LAWYERVirginia Cornwell is an Ohio Family Lawyer and an Ohio State Bar Association Family Relations Specialist.

When an engagement or a marriage ends, the matter of who gets the engagement ring(s) / wedding ring(s) is very common. 

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In Ohio, generally, when an engagement ends, regardless of who is at fault, the ring is returned to the person who gave it.  This is because the ring is a conditional gift, in other words, a gift that is conditioned upon a marriage.  When the marriage doesn’t happen, the gift may not be kept.

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OHIO FAMILY LAWYERS, OHIO FAMILY ATTORNEY, DIVORCE CUSTODY LAWYERIf the marriage actually happened, the gift is complete, even if the marriage does not last forever, and the person who received the gift gets to keep it. 

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