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Family Law Attorneys in Columbus Ohio FAQs


Q.  Where do you go to file a divorce in Columbus, Ohio (Franklin County)?  

If you have a Columbus, Ohio divorce attorney, your attorney will file the divorce for you.  If you are filing your own divorce, you will go to the Franklin County Court House, Clerk of Court, Domestic Relations Division, 373 S. High Street, Fourth Floor, Columbus, Ohio, 43215.  Click here to see a map of the area, and click here to get driving directions.

FAMILY LAW ATTORNEYS IN COLUMBUS PHONE NUMBERQ.  What is the phone number for the Franklin County Family Court?  What is the phone number for the court in Columbus Ohio that handles divorce, dissolution, annulment and legal separation?

You can find a phone listing for Columbus, Ohio divorce, dissolution, annulment and legal separation court by clicking HERE.  You should be warned though, that these phone numbers are NOT the phone numbers of people who can give you legal advice.  Only attorneys can give you legal advice.  If you want to know what the law is, if you have a case, if this is the right county or court to file your case in, how to prepare your legal papers, etc. – those things are all legal advice.  The employees at the court cannot and will not answer those questions – even if you have just one question.  Only an Ohio family law attorney or the law itself can legally answer those questions for you.

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FAMILY LAW ATTORNEYS IN FRANKLIN COUNTYQ.  Where can I find a copy of Franklin County Ohio Local Rule 27.1 (Juvenile Court Rule 22.1)? 

You can get a copy of the entire Franklin County Ohio Domestic Relations Court Local Rules here.   If you only want to see Local Rule 27.1 /Local Rule 22.1, (black with a white background, difficult to print or copy/paste,) click here.  If you find that copy difficult to read or print, click the link to go to the page where you can download a copy of Franklin County Local Rule 27.1 posted on our website.

Columbus Ohio Local Rule 27Q.  I have Local Rule 27 visitation.  My weekend falls right before a holiday weekend that is supposed to be my holiday weekend?  Do I get to have my kids for my weekend AND the holiday?  What happens the weekend after the holiday?

Franklin County Local Rule 27 addresses problems like this in paragraph 5(a), which says:

In the event of a conflict between regular parenting time and holiday parenting time, holiday parenting time prevails.  The alternating weekend parenting time schedule continues, however, as if the holiday had not intervened.  This means that one parent may have the children three weekends in a row.  This process equalizes itself over the course of time for each parent.

This means that holiday parenting time trumps regular (non-holiday parenting time).  The weekend that is missed because of the holiday is not made up.  Over the course of two years, each parent should get the time that they should have.

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FAMILY LAW ATTORNEYS COLUMBUS OHIO Q.  Who gets the children for Easter under Franklin County Local Rule 27? 

Franklin County Local Rule 27 does not specify which parent receives Easter.  If it falls at end of Spring Break, and there are no other orders which specify what happens to the Easter holiday, then the parent who has the child for Spring Break will also have the child for Easter.  Easter, like many religious holidays, are not provided for in Local Rule 27.  Columbus, Ohio families are very diverse, and not everybody celebrates the same holidays.

FAMILY LAW ATTORNEYS COLUMBUS OHIOFranklin County Juvenile Rule 22 / Local Rule 27 paragraph 5(c) has a blank line for “days of special meaning”.  This is where parents, if they agree, would write down the religious holidays and days of special meaning that the mother or father want to celebrate with the child, and how they shall be split between the parents.  So, whether your holiday is Chanukah, Easter, Kwanzaa or other holidays, if you want those holidays included in your order, it is up to you to either write those holidays in, or ask the court to include the holidays as part of your order.

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COLUMBUS OHIO FAMILY LAW ATTORNEYQ.  Where can I find Franklin County Ohio Court Forms? 

The Clerk of Court’s office has SOME of the forms on the walls in their office.  You can also find forms on both the main Franklin County Court of Common Pleas website and the Franklin County Domestic Relations Court website.   The Supreme Court of Ohio has SOME domestic relations forms that can be used in any county in Ohio.  You can also find some samples of pleadings that you must prepare yourself on the Franklin County Ohio Law Library’s website.  You can also look on the FORMS page of our website .

Q.  I got a divorce in Franklin County, and I have since moved.  Do I have to file any forms to let the court and the Child Support Enforcement Agency know I have moved?  

YES.  Not only do you need to let them know, but you have to let them know using the form they prefer to use, otherwise you may not receive important notices.  To let the Franklin County Domestic Relations Court know you have moved, you need to file this form.  To let the Franklin County CSEA know you have moved, you need to send this form to them.  To look at more Franklin County CSEA child support forms, take a look at their forms page.

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Didn’t find the information you wanted?  Feel free to leave us a comment below.  We do not answer comments posted on the blog directly, but if we receive several comments asking similar questions we might put up a blog post on the subject.  If you need help with your problem right away, please call our office to have a consultation with Virginia Cornwell.  A consultation does not mean that you intend to hire an attorney, it just means that you want to have your questions answered.  If you would be more comfortable, you can have a consultation on the phone and you don’t even need to come in to the office!

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Virginia Cornwell is a Columbus Ohio Family Law Attorney and an Ohio State Bar Association Family Relations Specialist.

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