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Columbus Ohio Divorce Lawyers and Franklin County Ohio Family Law Attorneys


We are Franklin County Divorce Lawyers , Ohio Family Law Attorneys and Columbus Custody Attorneys who honor our duty to act in your best interest. The firm is owned by an Ohio State Bar Association Certified Family Relations Specialist, one of approximately 100 attorneys in Ohio to receive this honor.  We can help clients and their children in  Columbus, Franklin County, and in all 88 Ohio counties with Family Law matters such as:


  1. D says

    My has been child support for 2 years and we have file for joint cusdoy for his son bur our lawyer never returns our call he file last year we wanna see him the mother won’t let us see him they had a one night stand and when he was first born I nicole the grandmother of him all the time then she got back with her first father dad and when he find out the boys father is biracial cause skin is white but he twin is black as I was say when they founf out my son family was black we was not around him tell me she dont want her son around black people and either does her man my the little boy name is ______________ he’s my son child and he pay his child support on time and I feel it’s wrong we wanna be in his life and shouldn’t be stop cause of my son as black in him I mean that little boys as black him too and has right to know his family my son is a hard worker he’s a manager at taco bell please his birthday will be here in June he be 3 he has a little sister who 1 now and has meet her one time and crazy please help us

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