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Annulment of Marriage in Ohio

Columbus Ohio Annulment of Marriage Attorney

Columbus Annulment Lawyer

There are few areas of family law where you can hit an “undo” button and make everything like it was before, but with annulment, that is what happens.  It can be one of the least complicated ways to end a marriage.  Unlike dissolution, you do not have to decide what the do with your property – there is no property division in Annulment.

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Our annulment attorneys are experienced and can guide you through the annulment process.  Your annulment attorney will answer questions such as

Columbus Ohio Annulment Attorneys Lawyers*  Can you get an annulment if you have children?
*  Is it possible to have grounds for annulment even       if the marriage was consummated?
*  Can I get an annulment if my spouse does not agree?
* Is it possible to get an annulment without ever having to go to court?
* Does your office have flat fee prices for uncontested annulments? (YES!  Call 614-225-9316 to learn our current prices)
*  Does an annulment happen as quickly as a dissolution?

  • What is the difference between an annulment of marriage and a dissolution of marriage?

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