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Columbus Ohio Dissolution Lawyer article about Dissolution in Ohio

COLUMBUS DISSOLUTION ATTORNEY LAWYERVirginia Cornwell is an Ohio State Bar Association Certified Family Relations Specialist and a Columbus Ohio Dissolution Lawyer.  Approximately 100 attorneys in Ohio have received this honor. You  can view other articles in the Dissolution in Ohio series by clicking any of the following links:

COLUMBUS DISSOLUTION LAWYERQ. What is a Dissolution of Marriage?

Ohio Dissolution of Marriage (often mistakenly referred to as dissolutionment, disalution, disolusion, etc.):

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COLUMBUS OH DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE ATTORNEYQ. What is the difference between an Ohio divorce and dissolution?

Ohio Divorce

  • One party files a complaint for divorce
  • Can be contested or uncontested, depending upon whether the defendant answers and/or contests
  • The Ohio divorce court can order temporary orders while the case is pending (for more information regarding what temporary orders are, see Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure 75 or consult books about Ohio temporary orders.)
  • The Ohio divorce court can issue restraining orders while the case is pending to prevent either party from disposing of assets, harassing the other, etc. (see Ohio Rule of Civil Procedure 75)
  • The parties are required to exchange financial and other information with each other during a process called “discovery” (to learn about the discovery process, see Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure 26-37 and 45.
  • The case may result in a trial
  • An Ohio divorce can last anywhere from 90 days to one year (no children) or 18 months or more (divorce with children).  Some counties (Franklin, for one), have very crowded dockets, and may sometimes take longer that these time limits to conclude.
  • It costs more than a dissolution.

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