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COLUMBUS OHIO AMICABLE DIVORCE LAWYERA Columbus Ohio Family Law Attorney article about mediation in Ohio Family Law Cases.

The phrase AMICABLE DIVORCE or an AMICABLE SPLIT does not necessarily have to be a contradiction in terms.  An often overlooked resource in family law is mediation.  Mediation is a non-binding meeting with the other party and a person who is trained to facilitate communication.  For example, if you can’t stand to talk to each other, you can talk to the mediator who will present your concerns to the other party.  A mediator will make sure each party is treated respectfully and allowed an opportunity to speak.  The mediator’s job is to help the parties reach an agreement.  Your attorney can accompany you to mediation if you would like, but it is often more successful if attorneys are not present.

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COLUMBUS OHIO AMICABLE DIVORCE ATTORNEYUnfortunately, some parties experience resistance when they advise the mediator that they can only come to a final decision after consulting their attorney.  This may be more likely to occur with mediation which is court ordered, rather than mediation which the parents seek out on their own, but practices vary from county to county and from mediator to mediator.  In Columbus, I have been impressed with the work of Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio.  To find Ohio mediation services in your county, click here.   For family law matters, most counties have mediation services associated with their domestic and/or juvenile courts, but parties do not necessarily need to rely upon those departments to mediate their differences.

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COLUMBUS OHIO AMICABLE DIVORCE LAWYERSMediation communications are supposed to be privileged.  This means the mediator should NOT be allowed to discuss what was said during mediation with anyone, including your judge or magistrate.  To learn more about mediation privilege click here or here.

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