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Q.  Does your firm offer free consultations? Yes, we offer free consultations.  We talk with you on the telephone first to see if your problem can be quickly resolved without you having to come into the office.

Q.  Does your firm handle cases in my city or county?  Or do you only work in Columbus and Franklin County?

Our firm helps clients from all over Ohio, and we are admitted to practice in all 88 Ohio counties.  We will travel from our Columbus office to any county in Ohio.

Columbus Ohio Divorce Lawyer

Q.  What is an Ohio State Bar Association Certified Family Relations Specialist?

Approximately 100 attorneys in Ohio have been designated as OSBA Certified Family Relations Specialists.  In addition to numerous other requirements (how long the attorney has practiced law, how much of the attorney’s practice is family law, additional continuing legal education classes, recommendations of peers, judges and/or magistrates, being in good standing, etc.) , to become an OSBA Certified Family Relations Specialist, an attorney must take and pass a written exam administered by the Ohio State Bar Association  covering multiple areas of family law in depth, including:

  • dispute resolution
  • allocation of parental rights
  • annulments
  • antenuptial agreements
  • bankruptcy
  • child support
  • dissolution
  • division of property
  • legal separation
  • venue
  • jurisdiction
  • divorce
  • division of property
  • domestic violence
  • ethics
  • federal law
  • parentage
  • practice and procedures
  • retirement benefits
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
  • separation agreements
  • spousal support (alimony)
  • taxation
  • visitation / companionship

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Q.  If I request a consultation, does that mean I have to hire you?

No.  It means that you have questions that you would like us to answer for you, and you did not find the answer on our website.

CALL NOW  at (614) 225-9316 or contact us by e-mail.

Q.  Should I send you an e-mail, documents or information about the facts of my case?

You should not send us an e-mail with the details of your case until you have called our office and let us do a conflict of interest check.  We need to make sure we have not had a consultation with anyone else involved in the case.  We cannot agreed to confidentiality regarding your facts or documents until we have done a conflict of interest check.  If you e-mail us about your case, just give us your name and the type of case, and a phone number and/or e-mail where you can be reached.  Likewise,  don’t mail, fax or deliver any documents or information until you have spoken to a member of our office and they have confirmed we do not have a conflict of interest.  We do not do e-mail consultations.

International Divorce Attorney Deployed Skype InternetQ.  Are you able to do consultations with active military members, persons overseas or international clients who have Ohio family law issues?

Yes.  If you are an active military member  stationed overseas, or you live outside the United States but have an Ohio family law case, tell us how you can be reached and we’ll work something out.  You can use the Contact or Request a Consultation form to e-mail us.  If phone is just not possible, we can try Skype, or Face Time.

CALL NOW  at (614) 225-9316 or contact us by e-mail.

Attorney Lawyer Change CustodyQ.  Once I have set an appointment for a consultation, what documents should I send you?

If you have court documents, or papers from the child support enforcement agency, you should send those to us.  We need copies of all court order or CSEA administrative orders in order to give you the best advice.  This is important!  We cannot count how many times people have tried to have a consultation without showing us their court orders, and then, after they rescheduled and let us look at their paperwork, learned that they did not understand the court’s orders at all.  Please show us any orders or child support orders regarding your case so we can give you the best advice possible!

The attorney will look over these documents during your consultation and discuss your options with you.  If you prepare a list of all of your questions, bring it with you to the consultation.

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divorce attorney in columbusQ.  Will I be involved in my own case?

YES!  Regardless of which area of family law you need our help with, we need your help to be the best attorney we can be for you.  We want your help gathering and organizing information and documents.  We want your help to put together the history of your case.  You need to be an active member of your legal team to get the best result.


Yes!  Where the parties have a good faith desire to resolve the matter, mediation can be very successful.  Even before the parties try mediation, they can simply have a meeting with both parties and both attorneys and try to work things out.  If you start with the small stuff and work your way up to the big stuff, you’d be surprised what you can reach agreement on.  If you can agree on some things and leave the rest for the court decide, you can still save yourself a lot of time, heartache and money.

Unless the case is truly unresolvable by agreement and mediation is being offered simply for purposes of delay, mediation is a good thing.  If you want to go to mediation quickly, and on your own terms, rather than wait for mediation to go through the courts, you can hire a mediator on your own.  In some ways, this is preferable, because the mediator does not make a report to the court about whether an agreement was reached.  Private mediators are also more willing to allow your attorney to attend the mediation than a court appointed mediator.  Mediation resolves a lot of conflicts without the expense of a trial.  Even where the conflict is not resolved, mediation rarely makes the conflict worse.  For more information on mediation, see this article:

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Ohio Divorce Dissolution Custody Certified Family Relations Specialist Q.  How long have you been practicing Family Law?

Virginia Cornwell has been practicing family law since 1999.  She has been a Ohio State Bar Association Certified Family Relations Specialist since 2007.

Child Support Attorney ColumbusQ.  Does your firm represent clients during Child Support Enforcement Agency proceedings?

Yes.  We represent clients in child support cases both at the agency level and in court.  We also assist clients with administrative review proceedings and child support modifications.

INTERNATIONAL KIDNAPPING ATTORNEY HAGUE CONVENTION PASSPORTQ. Is your firm able to file Petitions in federal court on behalf of family law clients (for example, petitions regarding international abduction or kidnapping, Hague Convention petitions)?

Yes.  Virginia Cornwell is admitted to the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio.

FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY IN OHIOQ.  Is your firm able to argue my case in the Supreme Court of Ohio?

Yes.  Virginia Cornwell is able to argue cases before the Supreme Court of Ohio.

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CHILD CUSTODY DOCTOR PEDIATRICIAN RECORDS INFORMQ.  My daughter or son’s school and/or pediatrician will not give me any information about my child.  Is this the type of case that your firm handles?



Q. Does you firm accept credit cards?

Yes.  We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and Paypal.  We also accept cash, cashier’s checks, personal checks and money orders.

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PHONE TELEPHONE SKYPE GOOGLE TALK INSTANT MESSAGINGQ.  Do you give consultations over the telephone, via Skype, Google Talk or e-mail?

Yes, we give telephone consultations.


As of July 8, 2013, Virginia Cornwell’s hourly rate is $285 and hourly rates for of counsel attorneys range from $185-225 per hour.

Q.  How much is your retainer?  How much will my case cost?

Our retainers vary from case to case, depending on the issues we believe may be involved in your case.  That decision is made by Virginia during the consultation, after discussing the issues in your case, the position taken by the other party, the obstacles to resolution, evidence issues in your case, etc.

avoid vicious divorce or custody battleJust as people are unique, each case is unique because of the people involved.  During the initial consultation, you will go over the facts of the case and discuss the dynamic between you and the opposing party.  You will discuss your goals, and one of our Ohio Family Law Attorneys will discuss how to best meet your goals.  We will discuss how the facts of your case mesh with the current state of the law.  Based on our experience, we will give you our advice, and discuss the challenges in your case.  The attorney that you meet with will give you a retainer quote.  A retainer is a deposit toward your total fees.  Without a consultation, we cannot give retainer quotes for contested matters.  We know you would like a more concrete answer, but it really does depend on the issues in your case.

Most family law cases are not flat fee cases, they are hourly cases, and the number of hours depends on the case.

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Q:  Will my spouse or the other party have to pay some or all of my attorney fees?

Get a disolution disolutionment dissolution of marriage in ColumbusSometimes the court will order the other party to pay some of all of your attorney fees.  Sometimes the court has discretion to order attorney fees, but in some family law cases, the court MUST order reasonable attorney fees.   To discuss the law of attorney fee awards in Ohio Family Law cases with one of our lawyers, you must schedule a consultation.

Q.  How long do I have to live in Ohio to file for divorce?  How long do I have to live in my county to file for divorce?  

Ohio Revised Code 3105.03  states that to file a divorce, a person must have lived in the state of Ohio for six months.  Generally, you must have lived in the county you want to file in for 90 days.

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